"I would like to comment on my experience doing business with your company. I did not know much about garage floor tiles. I researched a few companies, not really knowing who was the best choice for me and my garage. I was on the Swisstrax website on a Sunday morning looking at what they had to offer, product selection, colors, etc. I left an interest note on their website. First thing Monday morning I received a phone call from one of Swisstrax’ s representatives. Eddie was very helpful to me, and all my questions and concerns were quickly answered. I was given a great education on garage flooring and had lots of choices to choose from to fit all my needs. Eddie was there to help me every step of the way, from initial contact to how to put my new floor in, to supplying me his tile cutter to trim all my tiles to fit my layout. I have looked at a lot of garage tiles, Gladiator, Racedeck, etc. Swisstrax tiles are by far the BEST! Thicker, bigger, better quality, easier to put together and take apart for sure. In my experience with most companies today, customer service is nonexistent! None of the other companies I contacted bothered to even call me. Eddie at Swisstrax was the only one that had an interest in me and my needs. So, I would like to say a big Thank you to you Eddie and Swisstrax for all of your help and for supplying me with such a superior product! I'm a customer for life! Thank you."                                            
– Lance LaRoche (Reno, NV)
"The final decision for shop flooring in our new facility did not come easy, until discovering Swisstrax. Not only was the ease of installation considered an advantage, but also the excellent value and overall cost saving from that of traditional epoxy based products.
Appearance and durability were our two primary factors when selecting a floor material. It was found that in addition to Ribtrax's high impact tile design, it is also resistant to many chemicals and cleaners, and provides a clean, professional, polished look.
In the end, our new shop is now truly a showpiece and compliments the many other features found in our new facility."

-Ted Johnson, President, Aero Products
"We have just finished installing the last of the flooring. All I can say is WOW! I am so glad you ended up being the winning product! We initially did the main hangar here, and the main hangar in Florida. The learning curve was shallow to say the least.   
After laying the 8000 square feet in Illinois, 6 of us laid the entire 4500 square feet in Florida before Lunch in one day! From there it just snowballed. Everyone that sees it is just amazed!
The owners love it so much, that we ended up doing their personal 4 car garage in Florida too. Then, we did another 3 car garage and a 2 car garage. Finally, the owner had to have his own personal 4 car here in Illinois done as well.
To say the least we are becoming quite the experts at putting this stuff down! It really has made life great here at the hangar. We used to spend one to two days per week, cleaning the floor. I have only cleaned the Swisstrax twice, that's right TWICE since installation, and those times were as simple as walking with a leaf blower.
I'm so hooked that I want it in my garage! Great going on this one guys! We certainly do appreciate all the great customer service we get from you and the folks at Swisstrax."

-Dan J. Compton, Chief Pilot, Midwest Jet Charter
"I just wanted to drop you a line about the Swisstrax floor. We received the floor on Thursday, we worked on the 1200 Sq ft floor for about 7 1/2 hours, the tiles were so easy to install and they look GREAT. I really like the colors for the floor.We decided to do the small Black and White tiles, it was the look we wanted for our garage and the Classic look for our old cars.
I am sending you a few photos of the cars in the garage, my Blue Convertible and Hermans 67 SS Chevelle. Feel free to use them on your site."

-Carolyn & Herman (London, KY)
"The company of Sherman Auto Sales, Inc. is very pleased with your product. We occupy an old time Mercury dealership building, that is from the 1940’s. Your representative, Andy Trueblood represented your product extremely well. I cannot say enough NICE things about Andy. In business you have to like the product and the person whom you are dealing with. Both of these categories were 100 percent. Andy was extremely courteous, kind and very helpful from our first phone call to helping with the installation. Your floor enhanced our building. I would be pleased to personally talk to anyone considering your product. I feel you have an outstanding floor tile. We are already considering another section of the building for your floor."

-Mark Sherman, President, Sherman Auto Sales, Inc.
"I greatly appreciate you working with me to fine tune the order to end up with a great looking garage. I just love opening the garage door for someone to show them the final look. It never fails to bring a surprised and impressed reaction. I am thrilled with the product and the service you two provided. THANK YOU!"

-Fred S. (Ventura, CA)
"My shipment arrived this morning! I installed my new floor in 4 1/2 hours by myself in 92 degree heat. It came out Fantastic! This is one of the best improvements that I could have made to our house. We started with a 30 year old cracked and terribly stained garage floor that wasn't settling or developing any new cracks and otherwise in serviceable condition and made it look better than new. I have enclosed several pictures of before and after. Also this is the new color pearl grey with pearl silver in a checkerboard pattern. I hope you can use these pictures. Thanks again for all of your help in deciding what colors and patterns were available; we are pleased with the look from the outside of our home and style of our neighborhood."

-Rick A. Burch (Raleigh, NC)
Aero Products Shop Facility
MidWest Jet Charter
"We focused our attention on various ways to improve the appearance of the concrete floor. Our considerable research into this subject led us to the conclusion we simply wanted the very best which we determined from our perspective to be Swisstrax flooring. We selected the Diamondtrax line.
It was extremely easy to install and we are, to say the least, greatly pleased with its appearance."

-Mark Sherman, President, Sherman Auto Sales, Inc.
"Swisstrax looks GREAT in the single car garage and since I use it for storage, in case any moisture were to enter they will keep the moisture off of my stuff. Oh, and the Ribtrax are GREAT when it snows. Instead of my garage turning into a messy puddle of snow/ice/salt, the snow melts and drips and drains away underneath the tiles - eliminating mess and slip hazards. I LOVE it."

"We had been looking for the perfect garage flooring, and we found it at Swisstrax. Their Ribtrax floor tiles are the best on the market! And, everything about our experience was fantastic...from preliminary inquiries, designing the floor pattern, personalized help with our order, excellent pricing, prompt shipment of the product, and ease of installation. The results...just great! We love our new garage floor! Thanks, Swisstrax!"

-Dave P., Green Valley, CA
"Best floor I've ever owned! Worth every penny, and it was cake to install! Thanks for a great product and even better service."

-Bill L. Colorado Springs, CO
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